paperwork_1437130cBumped is a police procedural about a pair of cops, Small and Oates, whose cases always seem to get a lower priority than their more glamorous coworkers. While their colleagues ‘call in favours’ and ‘make phone calls’ to get DNA tests, autopsies, and other forensic work fast-tracked, our hapless heroes always have to wait. And wait.

Small and Oates have to resort to legwork, interviews, and painstaking paperwork in order to solve their cases. One particular case has them perplexed: the murder of a rich girl, her body found on the wrong side of the tracks. Had she gone too far? Did it matter? They’re told there’s a six month waiting time for DNA testing, but they keep getting bumped down the queue by their impatient colleagues, who keep circumventing the system and finding shortcuts. How will Small and Oates crack the case whilst being baulked by their fellow cops?

Alternative titles: All Our Cases Are Cold Cases; Paperwork.